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The best postures to train your shoulders and abs

Training your shoulders and abs at the same time is possible. You just have to choose the right exercises. Today, in this article, you will discover some ways to train your shoulders and abs that, perhaps, you had not yet implemented.

Training your shoulders is very important to be fit, as it is one of the muscles we use the most. In addition, exercising them can help us have a better posture. For example, the shoulders do not hang forward, thus preventing the cervical from being loaded.

On the other hand, working the abs helps us to have a much stronger abdomen and to avoid that, aesthetically, this is flaccid and without any muscle tone. Being fit not only helps us look good, but also feel better.


The iron is a very complete exercise that allows us to work the shoulders and abs at the same time.

  • To do this exercise we must face down, support the forearms on the floor and stretch our legs by raising them while we remain as if we were aboard.

Although this exercise may not seem to be more difficult, our opinion will change when we have been in this position for a minute. We will notice not only how our arms and shoulders are working, but also our abs.

This exercise brings great results, so it is recommended to practice it often. Many times, it is usually the last exercise of complete training.

Side plate

There is a variant of the plate and we can make it laterally. In this way, we will do the exercise by putting ourselves on our side, resting on the forearm of one of the arms. The other we can stretch or let it rest along the body.

This exercise allows us to work on one of the shoulders and obliques. Sometimes, we can remain static, as in the original plate, or lower and raise the hip for deeper training. Sometimes you really need to invest in a posture corrector to prevent spinal injuries


Push-ups are an exercise known to all, but perhaps we did not know that it is excellent for training your shoulders and abs. To achieve this and feel the strength in the abdomen it is necessary that we touch with the chest on the floor.

The important thing here is to keep the legs stretched since the tendency due to the strength in the shoulders will be to flex them slightly to lift us with greater ease. Let’s see some variants of this exercise:

  • Push-ups with dumbbells: The hands do not rest on the ground but on dumbbells. When we raise the chest, we will alternate between the arms that will slightly raise the dumbbell from the floor.
  • Cross over the chest: When we raise the chest, the right hand will touch the left shoulder and then the left hand will touch the right shoulder. This will allow the shoulders and abdominals to work even more.

Exercise wheel

The exercise wheel, like the iron, does not seem to be more difficult. However, at the time of carrying out the training, we see that the shoulders and abs work much more than we thought.

  • Located on our knees, we will put both hands on the exercise wheel and we will slide forward. The feet can rise from the ground, but the only thing they will support will be the knees. The rest of the body must be elevated.
  • When we are forward, we will have to go back, and it is here that we must make great strength with the abs and shoulders. Be careful, because the tendency will be to sink the chest towards the ground. Remember that we must maintain the posture at all times.

All these exercises allow you to train your shoulders and abs at the same time. If you lack time to devote to the exercise and want to do a workout that involves a 2 in 1, without a doubt, these exercises are appropriate.

Its intensity and effectiveness will allow you to achieve the objectives you have set. Surely many of the exercises discussed have already done if you go to the gym. In the opposite case, we recommend you try them.

If you practice exercise at home, you do not need to have specific equipment to carry out these exercises. In the case, for example, of the exercise wheel, you can look for alternatives such as a small ball. Have you ever practiced these postures to train your shoulders and abs?

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