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The best foods to consume after sports

You don’t know what foods to eat after playing sports? After exercising many people go hungry. This is normal since during sports you lose minerals and liquids that need to be replaced. However, there are some foods to consume after sports that are better than others.

To determine the type of food that is best to take after sports we must meet our needs. This means that the same food will not be recommended for someone who wants to lose weight, then for someone who wants to increase their muscle mass.

Therefore, the food to consume after doing sports that we are going to mention will be specific, in some cases, for those who have some objectives or others. Let’s see what are the most recommended foods after sports.

High-protein foods

One of the best foods to consume after sports will be one that is high in protein. Proteins are very important to increase muscle mass and reduce fat. This component can be found in foods such as eggs or chicken. Therefore, a meal containing these ingredients will be very beneficial after sports.

However, in cases where you want to increase muscle mass in a more effective way we can help with protein shakes. However, we always have to look for those brands that offer us a product of the highest possible quality.

Despite this, whenever we can obtain the proteins that our body needs through food, it is better that we turn to and prioritize this option. We should try to avoid processed products as much as possible.

Carbohydrate foods

Another type of food to consume after sports are those that are high in carbohydrates. Carbohydrates also help a lot to increase muscle mass. Now, what foods can provide us in a healthy way? Here are some options:

  • Quinoa: Provides a large number of vitamins and minerals, in addition to being rich in protein. For all this, it is essential for a good recovery after physical exercise.
  • Bananas: the carbohydrates that this fruit contains are “quick absorption”. This means that they help restore glycogen levels and repair muscles in an expressway.
  • Humus: It is a very rich and healthy option while providing a lot of energy. We can accompany it with carrot sticks or pita bread, for example.
  • Peanut Butter: It will always be better if we can make it and, if we buy it, we must make sure the quality of its ingredients. Two medium scoops a day is the recommended amount.
  • OatmealEating oatmeal without sugar and as pure as possible is very beneficial for recovery after sports. We can accompany it with yogurt (without sugar) or some milk (oatmeal, almonds, coconut …).

Many people believe that carbohydrates are bad or that they help gain weight. What happens if we exceed their consumption. However, if we advocate responsible consumption and respecting the recommended amounts, we can maintain the desired weight or even lose weight if that is what we are looking for.

Fruits and nuts

The last of the foods to consume after doing sports that we recommend are fruits and nuts. There is a wide variety of these two elements, so we can choose those that we like the most.

The fruits are very good, since they will help us recover vitamins and, in addition, they will give us even more water than we could drink. Remember that hydration before, during and after sports is essential.

On the other hand, nuts will help us recover the energy spent during physical exercise. It is best that we combine nuts, for example, mix almonds and nuts. A modest handful of nuts is the recommended daily amount.

As we can see, there is a wide variety of foods that we can consume after sports. It is ideal that we do it since if we do not eat anything, we will cause that in the next meal that we do we ingest more quantity than due.

Recall, also, that these foods should be taken in moderation, however healthy and good for our health. To do this, making small meals a day will be something extremely important and recommended.

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