Safety tips to use a Chainsaw like a Pro

Before assembling, refueling or operating the chainsaw, you must first view the following safety videos. These videos describe how to protect yourself and others from the dangers associated with the operation of a chainsaw.

Improper use can cause serious or fatal injuries. You must understand and follow the safety instructions. You should also be alert at all times, and be physically able to manipulate and control the chainsaw in a variety of cutting applications.

Remember the most important safety rules to consider :

  • Hold the chainsaw firmly with both hands.
  • Do not get too close to the chainsaw body while it is running.
  • Make sure the tension of the cutting chain is correct.
  • Wear specialized protective shoes for working with chainsaws.
  • Wear long-sleeved anti-cut clothing to avoid possible serious injuries.
  • Protect your head with a chainsaw helmet with a front mesh, use headphones for noise and eyeglasses.
  • Wear sturdy chainsaw gloves, if possible with cut protection.


All chainsaws incorporate all these safety devices, which, in addition to the preventive measures that any user must take when working with a chainsaw, guarantee your integrity in any forestry, agricultural or gardening activity you carry out.

Remember that for your safety and that of those around you, any chainsaw must have:

  • Chain brake and left handguard (front grip protector), which slows the chain when the left-hand escapes when the chainsaw bounces or retracts.
  • Inertia brake acting on the chain brake in case of a chainsaw bounce, stopping immediately.
  • Throttle unlock the device. In order for the chain to start, it must be tightened together with the accelerator.
  • Chain pick-up or pick-up system, which together with the rear handle protector protects the right hand in case the chain breaks or leaves the guide bar.
  • Engine stop devices easily accessible by a right hand.
  • Protective cover or chain of the transport chain, also known as guide bar protector. A chainsaw should never be transported without this protection.

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