Modern and small kitchens to inspire you

Who said your house has to be huge to offer you everything you need from it? With these examples of modern and small kitchens, you will see that you can do great things even if the space you have is not the largest.

It is no disadvantage to having a little place for cooking. Making some wise modifications and, above all, choosing a decoration that does not waste any centimeter, this can become even a great possibility. Do you want to know how to achieve it?

Tricks to boost space in a small kitchen

As in all rooms, there are certain very basic recommendations that will help you enhance the space available in your kitchen. The first is to have many storage spaces:  cupboards, countertops, shelves and utensils hooks are things that can not be missing.

Also, try to have good lighting. This is important during the day, for which you will need good ventilation, such as at night, when artificial lights take center stage.

As for the colors, the clear ones have a great amplifying effect that could be very helpful. So that it is not too homogeneous, you can resort to certain color elements, such as ornaments, appliances and, why not, some wall.

Finally, consider incorporating sliding doors, custom furniture to optimize space and shiny surfaces, such as mirrors or silver appliances. With them, we can also get the light to reflect and, as a consequence, make the place look bigger.

Modern and small kitchens that will inspire you

Once the previous tricks are known, you are already in a position to choose how you will use the small space you have for your kitchen. To help you in this complex choice, we want to offer you some ideas of modern and small kitchens. Do not resign yourself to not having the kitchen you want!

1. Asymmetric kitchens

Many times it happens that we run into a kitchen that has a corner; This, added to the little space, greatly complicates the task of choosing furniture and decoration.

However, with the variety of options, we have today, you may well take this feature as a point in favor. For example, you can turn to corners, double-fold doors or columns. Logically, the latter must have a good storage space to take advantage of them.

Nowadays, you can even find furniture designed to fit the corners. Although a little daring, some can be beautiful and original.

2. Kitchen with a homogeneous design

If you get a tone that pleases you for your furniture, such as a wooden effect in different colors or a risky vivid tone – like an orange, green or light blue sea – you could use it without problems.

In fact, it is one of the main advantages of modern and small kitchens. Not having an excessively large space, it is really difficult to choose a decorative motif that creates saturation.

Of course, you should know how to combine it with more neutral colors, such as white or silver. The latter is recommended for edges, knobs and some other detail, such as utensils.

3. Storage everywhere

If you prefer functionality and practicality over aesthetics, without a doubt, this option is the one for you. Instead of choosing large compartments, you can choose to put more, but narrower ones.

Thus, you can divide the objects and foods that you place in them more easily, and you will not have everything mixed; otherwise, when you open the door, all you will see is disorder and a jungle of things everywhere. Some even come with special elements, such as bottle holders or rotating surfaces, which further multiply the storage capacity.

4. Furniture facing

Some people are enemies of the ‘corridor kitchens’. However, others perceive them as an excellent way to use them (scarce) place they have.

Basically, they consist of locating facing furniture, leaving a place to circulate in the middle. If you opt for one of them, they don’t have to give up beautiful and innovative designs. With a little ingenuity and planning, you may even have room on the counter to place a beautiful bar with benches to sit on.

5. Minimalist kitchen

Contrary to everything we discussed before, modern and small kitchens with minimalist style are reduced to include the basics and indispensable. Any furniture that stores things that are not used, as well as ornaments and appliances that are not for everyday use, are beyond this concept.

Just by describing them, we note that they can be an excellent alternative if you don’t have much space. The use of the geometric shapes that characterize this current, as well as the inclusion of some strong color to generate contrast will be more than enough to achieve a beautiful decoration.

With these attractive suggestions of modern and small kitchens, you will surely have changed your opinion about the supposed inconvenience of small spaces. You already know: with creativity and some good taste, you will have no problem getting the kitchen you always wanted to have.

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